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Steppingstone's COVID-19 Response

Steppingstone’s Response to COVID-19

On Monday, June 1, Steppingstone will be bringing back non-essential employees in Phase 1 of a revitalizing effort to best provide quality care for those we serve while adhering to state mandates to ensure safety protocols for all. Each staff member is prepared to use the utmost in preparedness guidelines in an effort to keep the entire Steppingstone community healthy.

All programs will post safety protocol instructions at the entrance to buildings and staff will be responsible for sanitizing and health check protocols for all who visit our facilities.

Essential staff have been on-site throughout this COVID-19 pandemic and they should be recognized for their heroic efforts in maintaining our services. Thank you to our dedicated staff for all you do to make us Steppingstone Strong!

Peer 2 Peer is offering live recovery group meetings weekdays via the Zoom app. Please click here to get direct links to the meetings.