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This year, Get Steppin' looks different

This year to keep our community safe, Get Steppin' will occur virtually from a location of your choice anytime between now and October 31st. Walk your neighborhood, the beach, a park - there are so many options! Walk with family, friends, co-workers! Just please be safe and follow CDC guidelines.

As we change routine this year, your help is needed more than ever to stay the course and help the homeless in our community. Join us by forming your own team of walkers to raise funds. Share a video of your walk experience with us and we’ll share some of them on our social media pages and on this page.

It's more important that ever to provide homeless individuals a safe shelter during the Pandemic. This coming winter, we expect to double the capacity at First Step Inn to serve more homeless individuals and keep them safe. Please join us by forming a team, walking, sharing your video and importantly, raising funds to support the First Step Inn!!!


Every individual deserves a warm place to stay, daily meals and helpful support. Caring through a donation ensures this is a reality for homeless individuals in Fall River, MA. Help the First Step Inn save lives through joining us and caring about the homeless in our community.


Why we Walk

Imagine a snowy day, living on the street in the blustery cold without food or money. How would you stay warm, secure a job or obtain services? These are the daily challenges homeless face. We walk to provide homeless people with food, shelter and an opportunity to turn their lives around.


You Can Make a Difference

Sponsor the Walk with a generous tax-deductible pledge.

Walk in the event and collect pledges from people you know.

Organize a team of friends, relatives or co-workers to walk with you.

Support our worthy cause with a tax-deductible donation.