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Reentering Offenders Achieving Recovery

About Project Roar

ROAR is a collaborative effort of Steppingstone and the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office to improve outcomes of male and female offenders in the House of Correction who have histories of a substance use problem. Services begin in the correctional setting and continue out in the community to improve the individuals ability to remain crime free and substance free.


• Outcome and Engagement
• Integrated Case Management and Supervison
• Individual Service Planning
• Criminogenic Risk Assessment
• Levels of Services Inventory
• Substance Abuse Treatment
• Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment
• Pyschiatric services with Medication Management
• Helping Men Recovery groups
• Living in Balance groups
• Nurturing Parenting groups
• Assistance obtaining entitlements and income
• Employment development services and referrals


5 Dover St, Suite 103, New Bedford, MA 02740, USA

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Admission Criteria

•Within 4 months of release
• 18 years of age or older
• Served three consecutive months
• Returning to Fall River or New Bedford communities

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