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How Steppingstone Helps

The number of deaths from drug overdoses in Massachusetts increased steadily from 2010 for several years. However, the commitment and resources of Massachusetts Government and providers such as Steppingstone are beginning to make an impact. In the past two years there has been a slight decrease in overdose deaths. Every life saved is an immense achievement. Steppingstone remains committed to offering effective peer recovery support and treatment to help hi-risk individuals.

According to HUD’s AHAR Report to Congress, from 2017 to 2018, Massachusetts experienced the highest increase in homelessness Nationwide. The five states with the largest increases were MA, Arizona, Texas, Washington and New York.

Steppingstone and Fall River’s homeless resources are dedicated to assisting homeless people in our Community. Steppingstone operates Fall River’s homeless shelter for individuals and provides approximately 100 units of supportive housing and an array of homeless services.

2022 Estimated Number of Deaths

2018-2021 Massachusetts Homeless Increase

Prevalence of Mental Illness in America

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental illnesses are common in the United States. Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness (46.6 million in 2017).

Steppingstone provides an array of treatment services to help people and their families recover from mental health disorders. 

We operate Clinics in both Fall River and New Bedford and offer services including comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis, medication prescribing, medication management, medication assisted treatment, individual treatment planning and individual and group therapy.

Programs & Services

Steppingstone’s vision is to excel in empowering individuals and families to reach their highest potential in mind, body and spirit; achieved through staff development, financial feasibility, developing and expansion of target populations, and community collaboration.

Residential Rehabilitation
Supportive Housing
Outpatient Treatment
Medication-Assisted Treatment
Pregnancy and Postpartum
Peer 2 Peer Recovery Support
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Steppingstone Incorporated focuses on helping directly whether it be with substance abuse, homelessness and/or family issues. 

Residential Rehabilitation

Residential Rehabilitation
Fall River Women

Since 1985, the Fall River Women’s Therapeutic Community has provided 28 beds to women with substance abuse problems and helped them experience an improved quality of life.

Residential Rehabilitation
Fall River Men

A comfortable, sober, home-like environment where men in Steppingstone’s Fall River Men’s Recovery Program can work on developing recovery skills and support systems.

Residential Rehabilitation
Transition House

The Transition House Program provides 16 beds to men with a mental health disorder and co-occurring substance use disorder. We provide a steppinstone to full recovery.

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Client Testimonials

When I first found Steppingstone, I was at rock bottom. I had lost everything to my addiction – my family, my job, my house. I was able to move into the Fall River Men’s Recovery Home, and my life was forever changed for the better. With the support of the amazing people I met through Steppingstone, I can proudly say today that I have been clean and sober for 5 years. I found Steppingstone at my lowest point, and walked away with hope for the future.
Steppingstone helped me get my life back on track. After suffering with anxiety for nearly all of my life, I felt like I had tried everything and was beginning to feel hopeless. A friend thankfully recommended Steppingstone’s outpatient program and the mental health services that they provide have really helped me. Without Steppingstone, I know that I would not be able to finally say that I am in a good place in my life. I want to thank Steppingstone for everything!
My gambling addiction had caused me to lose everything. I was living on the streets when I was referred to Steppingstone by a friend. I enrolled in their gambling treatment program and they helped me confront my addiction and get my life back on track. Their peer support group introduced me to people that helped me through my journey. Every day I am thankful that I was able to find Steppingstone to lead me down the road to recovery.

Looking for Volunteer Opportunities?

Do you have that overwhelming compassion and caring in your heart? We understand. Be sure to visit our friends at the community volunteer connector to see where your help is needed