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HIV/AIDS Peer Leader

HIV/AIDS Peer Leader

Job ID: #346
Program: Medical Case Management
Location: New Bedford, MA
Posting Dates: January 27, 2016 to when position is filled


 20 hours per week
 Temporary position which may or may not lead to permanent status


Equal to completion of four years of high school plus additional specialized courses or training. Spanish speaker preferred.


 Orient clients to the service system and assess client’s immediate needs
 Provide basic HIV, STI, and viral hepatitis information to clients
 Help develop risk reduction plans.
 Assist with referrals to medical care, help clients prepare for medical appointments, accompany clients to appointments and/or assist with follow-up
 Help complete benefits/housing/health insurance applications
 Provide non-medical adherence support
 Implementation of the care/service plan; and offer emotional support, help re-engage and support clients who need assistance maintaining ongoing engagement in care.


 Strong verbal and written communication skills, ability to work with diverse groups, basic knowledge of HIV infection., disease progression, physical impacts, medical regiments and AIDS-defining conditions.
 Ability to advocate for others, have a thorough understanding and commitment to core ethical principles and the ethics-based boundaries of the work.
 Has learned to live with the disease and manage its daily challenges, and has attained a level of personal growth and healing that gives him/her the understanding, insight, and motivation to
help others.
 Willingness to provide services within a harm reduction frame work.
 Ability to participate in required trainings. EOE/AA


 Position requires good visual, hearing and speaking skills with or without assistive devices.
 Able to communicate information effectively to others both verbally and in writing
 Respond to emergency situations appropriately
 Light physical effort and ability to climb stairs
 Manual dexterity

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