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Job Position

Fill-In Staff

Fill-In Charge Staff

Job ID: #72
Location: Fall River and New Bedford, MA
Posting Dates: Open Posting


 High school graduate or the equivalent knowledge and experience required.
 Up to and including up to three years of related work experience with some exposure and/or
knowledge of substance abuse and/or rehabilitation is preferred.


 Position requires good visual, hearing and speaking skills with or without assistive devices.
 Able to communicate information effectively to others both verbally and in writing
 Respond to emergency situations appropriately
 Light physical effort
 Manual dexterity
 Manipulative ability
 Computer skills in word and excel


1. Be responsible for maintenance of program administration; to include supervision of residents, telephone coverage, emergency crises situations, building security, etc.
2. Performs program record keeping, filing, organization of vital materials and other related activities.
3. Participates in case consultation working in cooperation with various assigned counselors regarding individual clients.
4. Collect, prepare and supervise the obtaining of urine samples from clients for testing.
5. Be able to perform CPR on individual residents as needed. Requires current CPR certification

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