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Job Position

Charge Person

Charge Person

Job ID: #435
Program: Home First
Location: Fall River, MA
Posting Dates: January 11, 2018 through when position is filled


Saturday and Sunday 4pm to Midnight

  • Be responsible for maintenance of program administration; to include supervision of residents, telephone coverage, emergency crises situations, building security, etc.
  • Performs program record keeping, filing, organization of vital materials and other related activities.
  • Participates in case consultation working in cooperation with various assigned counselors regarding individual clients.
  • Collect, prepare and supervise the obtaining of urine samples from clients for testing.
  • Be able to perform CPR on individual residents as needed. Requires current CPR certification
  • High school graduate or the equivalent knowledge and experience required.
  • Up to and including up to three years of related work experience with some exposure and/or knowledge of substance abuse and/or rehabilitation is preferred.
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