Recovery Coaching

About Recovery Coaching

A Recovery Coach is a motivator and cheerleader that believes in a recoveree’s capacity for change. They are an ally and confidant, always prepared to actively listen. You can expect a coach to be a truth teller who provides honest feedback and offers suggestions. They are a role model and offer their own life as an example of healthy living. A coach can help you identify problem areas and assist you as a recoveree to problem solve. They can provide linkages to the recovery community, treatment, and other supports. They are an advocate and can act as a representative for the recoveree when requested. Your coach is an equal and recovery advocate.


• Identify recovery goals
• Assist recoverees in identifying, owning and
building their recovery capital
• Develop a wellness plan that utilizes existing
recovery capital
• Listen and provide feedback in a
nonjudgmental and supportive way
• Guide the new recoveree with connecting to
the recovery community
• Assist the long-term recoveree to remain
• Advocate for the recoveree
• Connect the recoveree to community-based

Recovery Coaching

179 N Main St, Fall River, MA 02720, USA

179 North Main Street
Fall River, MA 02720

Phone Number


Eligibility Criteria

• 18 years of age or older
• Living in Fall River or New Bedford
• A self-reported substance use disorder
• A desire to initiate or sustain recovery

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